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Welcome to Dick's Links

This page is primarily a link page. Mainly it is just stuff that I'm either interested in like video games and music, but there are some other links on the page too. I made this page because in middle school I loved the video game Zelda for the 8-Bit Nintendo. I loved it so much that me and Bear had my mom make us Link hats. Link is the hero from Zelda. HeĖs the little elf dude. I still have my Link cap, but I think Grue has BearĖs Link cap. Grue used the cap for a costume party he went too. I heard he got real sick at the party, passed out on a toliet, woke up and managed to vomit into the Link cap. I donĖt think he told Bear. I don't wear my Link cap anymore, but I'll tell you something, I still think that Princess Zelda is pretty hot. A lot of people think I'm messed up, but hey, she is. As Jeremy Buchelle might have said, ÏI bet she has nice ta-tas. Link get's to see Zelda's ta-tas in some Zelda Fan Fic I've read. So Dick's Links doesn't just denote a link page, but it refers to the game Zelda too as you've probably gathered if you've read this far. If you have a link that you think I should be aware of, let me know and I'll stick it up if it is appropriate. Keep Gaming.

- Dick Grogan

Dick's Links!


Zophar's Domain - This is one of my favorite sites. I listen to loads of video game music, and this one of the best sites on the net. It has some EMU stuff too.

Rush - If I'm not listening to video gamer music, then I'm probably in a different 'Hemisphere'.

Bid For Power - These guys are making a DBZ (Dragonball Z) game that uses the Quake engine. The screen shots look badder than Bad Dudes. I can't wait till it comes out, cause Bad Dudes sucked. I beat it at Flippers in the first token I stuck in the machine.

Al Di Meola - Al Di Meola's site needs some help. His music however doesn't. The man is a genuius. Everything I learned on guitar, I learned from spinning this man's records over and over.

Nintendo Japan - I can't read this mess!!!

Lombardi's Pizza - Everybody's favorite food in the band is Pizza from Pizza Hut. Mine it burritoes. Pizza is okay, but honest, every experience I've had at Lombardis Pizza is crud.

Jerome's ComiXXX Page - Since I'm a DBZ fan, I guess I ought to plug Jerome Church's DBZ spoof fan comic hosted on the Chook site. If you haven't read it, you should. It is funny even if you aren't a fan of DBZ.

Graal Online - An Online Zelda Game. Amazing... I've been playing this nonstop. My name is "Gom Jabbar [Warlord][DUNE]" and I play on the n-pulse server. The last portion of my name means that I'm a member of a guild (and I high ranking member at that). The game serves a social purpose too, cause there are just groups with commons interests, enemies, etc. I am actually well known for my sparring skill (DUNE is a very sparring intensive guild). If I'm not on, just find anybody with a [***][DUNE] next to their name, tell them you want to join and have them show you some power-ups. Tell them that you are an "actual" friend of "Gom" (Paul Adtreides, Psycho and duneshark know me the best, look for them).

Salisbury Zoo - This is the Salisbury Zoo page. At the zoo they have a reptile hut. I like to visit it cause it reminds me of my bother. He catches snakes as a hobby. He got bit by a sidewinder once. He lives in Arizona. Sometimes we catch scorpions with blacklights when I visit him. Niether of us have ever smoked dope.

Ken Oh Temple - This is a Geocities site I put up. Be sure to check out the Flash DBZ movie I made. I did it for a college class. I got an A+++ on it. I didn't even know they gave that many plusses out. Also check out the Chook Logo at the bottom. They used my face for it. If you want a Chook Logo with my face on it, just go to the Chook Industries links page. I think they are free.

Bookmobile - I get books from the Bookmobile sometimes.

Cartoon Network Schedule - After I was blacklisted from Macy's and all federated department stores this summer, this was my work scheadule.

Chrono Trigger Temple - Chronic Trigger is addictive.

That is all the links I've got for now, so
until I put some new links up, keep gaming.


The weather at Bayland is at 3:54 am.
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