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Background of Cave of Trouble
Cave of Trouble is a musical act whose records appear on Tiger Lounge Records, Chook Industries official record label. All albums sold by the Cave of Trouble are sold through Chook Industries. Chook Industries stipulates that 20 out of every 32 Cave of Trouble Albums released are called the "Chook Industries Soundtrack" with an according Volume number. Cave of Trouble is allowed to put their album title on the Chook Industries versions of their albums in parentheses in 2 fonts smaller. This means the buying public has no way of knowing which album version they will be purchasing, the Chook Industries version or the COT version. All songs available on the album will remain the same. Artwork however will vary between the two versions. Part of the COT's contractual agreement is that this information must appear on their web site.

Members of Cave of Trouble

Birth: 1/29/76

Fav Food: Pizza from Pizza Hut.
Pet Peeve: Really Ugly Chick Cops. Good looking chick cops are cool though, especially if they got big bombs.
Fav Movie: Scarlet Letter.
Fav Shoe: Nike Raptor.
Fav TV show character: Jack Horkhiemer.
Fav Sport Player: I don't watch sports.
Fav Saying: Greetings fellow stargazers.
Fav Book: Scarlet Letter the Movie.
Dumbest thing I ever did: Threw away my switchblade by complete accident. I'm such an idiot.

Birth: 8/7/76

Fav Food: Pizza from Pizza Hut.
Pet Peeve: The Skeeter truck, cause I always get caught outside when it comes around.
Fav Movie: Star Trek the Insurrection.
Fav TV show: The WBOC TV-16 News.
Fav TV show character: Ricky Lake.
Fav Sport Player: Tyson, not the one we do music with.
Fav Saying: Who's that rapping at my door.
Fav Book: Anything by Jack Chick.
Dumbest thing I ever did: Bunny hopped off an electric box into a ditch.
Grue McParland

Birth: 1/27/79

Fav Food: Pizza from Pizza Hut.
Pet Peeve: Pictures: I hate having my picture taken. Shit, I hate em' so much that if you took my picture I wouldn't show up on film. Don't get me wrong though, its not like I think I'm a vampire or nothing. I hate those bitches and I'm glad they got jumped by that Russian dude at the Ratan festival in PA a couple years back.
Fav Movie: Cabinboy.
Fav TV show: Get a Life
Fav TV show character: Cowboys.
Fav Sports Player: Bo Jackson. It is amazing he can play two sports.
Fav Book: The Good Earth.
Fav Saying: You are swimming in an ool, notice there is no 'p' in our 'ool'. Please keep it that way.
Dumbest thing I ever did: Shined a laser pointer in my eye for about a minute straight.

Birth: 2/11/79

Fav Food: Pizza from Pizza Hut.
Pet Peeve: The fact that I am always right.
Fav Movie: Notting Hill.
Fav TV: Survivor. If they put me on that show I'd win.
Fav TV show character: Jay Leno.
Fav Sport Player: Goldberg.
Fav Saying: Make sure you unplug the guitars when you are done playing with them.
Fav Book: It isn't a book it is a free newspaper called The Salisbury News and Advertiser.
Dumbest thing I ever did: This interview.

Birth: 6/11/78

Fav Food: Burritos.
Pet Peeve: Tacos
Fav Movie: Matrix 2. I know it isn't out yet, but I know it is gonna be my favorite movie.
Fav TV show: Working Stiffs and Taxi.
Fav TV show character: Relena Peacecraft.
Fav Sport Player: Dino.
Fav Saying: I'll kill you.
Fav Book: Dune.
Dumbest thing I ever did: Sat on a pencil and had the lead go into my butt, and not the cheek, much closer to the poo-duct.
Memorial to the Quiet Man
The Quiet Man (Deceased 1997) was the original drummer for the COT.

Manager of Cave of Trouble

Thom Webb is Cave of Trouble's manager and runs his own independent DJ act under the name DJ Clark Kent. If you would like to book either Cave of Trouble or DJ Clark Kent, please phone (410)-708-7150 and ask for Thom Webb.

DJ Clark Kent

Birth: 10/01/74

Fav Food: Gummie Worms.
Pet Peeve: A warm pillow.
Fav Movie: Protection from Edged Weapons.
Fav TV Show: COPS.
Fav TV Show Character: Actors who play cops.
Fav Sports Player: Cal Ripken.
Fav Saying: Rejection is a fact of life, die by the spoon and not by the knife.
Fav Book: Red Cell by Ricarch Marsinko
How I spent my winter: Playing X-Com.
Dumbest Thing I ever did: Didn't take Carrie up on her offer in my shed.

The top 10 albums of all time voted by COT
  1. Police - Outlandos D'amour
  2. Bach
  3. Rush - Hemispheres
  4. Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town
  5. Bo Hansson - Magician's Hat
  6. AC/ DC - Back in Black
  7. Ian Brown -Unfinished Monkey Business
  8. Blue Oyster Cult - Fire of an Unknown Origin
  9. Spin Doctors - Pocket full of Kryptonite
  10. Bush - Razorblade Suitcase

The shittiest band that one of the members of COT likes but everyone else knows is shit

  • Grue is father of two.
  • Dick is a direct blood descendent of Stewart Copeland.
  • Loki believes in ghosts.
  • Hordak has 3 brown eyes.
  • Bear ate only peanuts for 3 weeks straight once.

The weather at Bayland is unavailable at 3:55 am.
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