1. Fred Durst's blog by Hordak
  2. Tape by Dick
  3. The Old Dinner Trays by Dick
  4. Appleby's Oriental Chicken Salad by Hordack
  5. Planet of the Apes on the Spanish Channel by Loki
  6. Mickiedee's by Grue
  7. Limp Bizkit - Limp Remizkit by Hordack
  8. Crudz by Bear
  9. Dogs by Grue
  10. Jim Herr by Loki
  11. Willie from the Wallwart in Fruitland by Dick
  12. Harlan Ellison by Hordak
  13. Sherlock Holmes by Dick
  14. The Doors - Best of by Loki
  15. John Heck by Loki
  16. Jimmy Buffet - Jimmy Buffet by Bear
  17. George Bush Jr. by Grue
  18. The Lady at Dunken Donuts by Bear
  19. Jim Hendrix - Best Of by Dick
  20. Wil Smith by Grue
  21. Dr. Hologram by Bear
  22. Limp BiscuitZ - Bisquick by Hordak
  23. The White Album - The Beatles by Grue McParland